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Geistek Pharmaceuticals is a CRO located in Spain founded in 2020 with the aim of providing all possible resources to those clinical and preclinical research projects that are developing their activity in the area of advanced therapies.


Advanced therapies are an effective therapeutic alternative against many diseases that do not find an adequate treatment in current medicine. These therapies have been demonstrating throughout their brief but intense history, everything they are capable of and have represented an unprecedented advance in the history of contemporary medicine.

This innovation generates serious bureaucratic and strategic difficulties when implementing regulatory procedures both at the clinical and preclinical levels, due to the lack of professionals with experience in this field of science.

For this reason, Geistek brings together a large number of professionals in the field of advanced therapies with the sole objective of facilitating and accelerating the development and market entry of these drugs with the highest quality standards, and in the shortest possible time.


Throughout the development of a new drug, many entities participate with complementary value propositions and through collaborations that might establish very beneficial synergies for both institutions.

Geistek has agreements with more than 500 investment funds and private investors interested in advanced therapies. In addition, it currently works with a large volume of top-level biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies and research centres that carry out their activity in the design and development of this kind of therapies.

Due to the extensive networking that we have, we consider ourselves a key nexus to give the boost that biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies need in the development of their advanced therapies.


Geistek offers quality services to design, coordinate and execute your clinical trial with very specialized professionals in the field of ATMPs. We focus our efforts on adapting to the specific client's needs and delivering the best results.


We can help you to look for investment through our extensive networking, which includes national and international investment funds, as well as a large number of private investors.


We offer first class consultancy services focused on Strategic Clinical Development Plans (SCDP) and Regulatory Affairs. You will also be capable to use our networking in order to get in touch with potential partners to create synergies with other companies.

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INTRODUCTION Tecartus is a new advanced therapy approved to treat adults with mantle cell lymphoma (MCL)¹. This disease is a lymphatic system cancer. Specifically, it

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